Boys Brigade

Anchor Boys (ages 5 – P2)

The Anchor Boys enjoy an hour of fun and friendship, where everything is about enjoying ourselves! This includes games, crafts, music and stories. There are even badges for you to get and show off! We don’t just stay in all the time; we go out and about as often as we can. Sometimes this is playing games. At other times we go for trips and visits to all sorts of people and places. It’s great fun!

Contact Avril Cooper via the Church Office

Junior Section (ages P3 – P6)

Junior Section have fun with games, crafts, drama, music and sport. We also often go on day trips or adventure weekends for even more fun!

There is a badge system where a badge is awarded for the completion of certain tasks. See if you can collect them all! There are plenty of games for everyone to take part in, and we easily spend most of our time running about. Every chance we get, we go outdoors. Getting outside is always a chance for more fun!

Contact Colin West via the Church Office for more information.

Company Section (ages P7 – S6)

The boys in this section take part in sports, physical activities, challenges, competitions and endless other indoor and outdoor activities. We also go on weekend camps and longer trips at home and abroad. Activities all lead toward developing new skills and the boys are recognised for their achievements.

Sports are a major part of the Company section, both individual and team – they are about as varied as they come. From football to golf and rugby to snooker. The highlights of the year are definitely when we go away for the weekend or longer. We usually manage around a fair bit of the country. The Company Section is all about having fun!

Contact Ian Glennie via the Church Office.