What is Church?

One of the best ways to find out is to come and see for yourself. Put simply, Church is a group of people who meet together to draw close to God through prayer, songs and fellowship (or a sense of community). When you arrive, a member of our Welcome Team will greet you. He/she can answer any questions you have and will direct you to the main area of the Church. Our hope is that you feel relaxed.

We have a small “house band” and sing a mix of traditional and contemporary songs. The minister will give a talk based on some passage of the Bible, encouraging us to apply what God says to our lives. We serve tea and coffee at the end of the service and you are welcome to join us, but there is no pressure. If you decide to leave, you will find the Minister at the door saying goodbye. Please take a chance to introduce yourself.

What about children?

We love children! You are free to keep your child with you during the service. However, we also run a “Blast Off” for those aged 2 to 12 years, and a crèche for the younger child starting at the same time as the morning service, so you might need to arrive a few minutes earlier to settle your child. The children join us for the latter part of our service and we get to hear what they have done. There are no child facilities at our evening service.

What’s the dress code?

There isn’t one! Some people want to come in their “Sunday Best”. Others will come in a much more informal way. It’s entirely up to you.

I’m disabled

We have ramp access and a Disabled Toilet. Just ask if you need directions or help. The service is also transmitted through a hearing loop system.

When do I sit or stand?

The simplest thing is to follow those around you. However, if you are less able or unwell, feel free to sit all the time. Generally we would stand at the beginning and end of the Service when a Church member takes the Bible to and from the lectern. We stand for singing but stay seated at other times.

What about money?

We don’t take up a collection during the Service. Our members put their donations in a basket as they enter the Church before the service starts. We would not want you to feel pressurised to do so. Our members support the work of the Church on a local and national level. If you decide to come along regularly, and would like to contribute by giving money or your time and talents, please speak to the minister.


We would be delighted to help you in any way we can. Only God is perfect – but we would love you to join us at our “imperfect” Church. As you get to know us you will hear stories of broken people, of restored faith, and of very different backgrounds. God loves us no matter what. Come and tell us your story!