One comment on “Foundations

  1. On the principle of Christ as our foundation.
    Jonny renews revitalises the principle of Christ as our foundation.
    Then we are going over the blessed armour of God.
    As we get reintroduced to the sword as God’s word.
    Jonny challenges us how we read the scriptures!
    Is it by a short verse or passage or do we open up our bibles and see Gods word spread over two pages and then God directs our attention to something different but so helpful timely for that day!!
    An astronomer who just gets to look through a telescope and looks at just one star at a time and never stands outside and sees the full glory of all the stars of God’s universe spread out in front of him. Is like using an e book all the time!!
    Yes it is light, it finds book chapter verse at a touch of the screen!! But it doesn’t give you the full spread of God’s word before you.
    Is this why our sword isn’t sharp or we have lost the skill of using our sword to full effect??
    As Jonny tells us put in the full armour of God and train ourselves to use each item to its full effect.

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