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  1. ALL IN ?
    What a challenge our minister laid down to us this Sunday past.
    If we go swimming we are All In the water!! We don’t leave a leg, arm or our heads on the place where we stood before going All In !!
    Our minister showed us how the returned Jewish nation to Jerusalem committed themselves to be “All In “ In following God’s law.
    To those who have committed themselves to following Jesus, our minister are you “all in” with your time, money, prayers and encouragement to each other? This “ all in “ takes not a rushed answer but a answer after meditation and soul searching.
    The book of James 1:8 gives a strong guidance to be “ all in “ be not double minded!
    To those who stand at the edge wanting to go” all in” take that risk ! Jesus is there to guide you, to help you and give you the important element His faith in you.
    ALL IN following Jesus Christ our Lord will be our praise to our Heavenly Father.
    In the Old Testament the men of God passed the “ mantle and the spiritual blessing of God to his successor.
    We too have had men of God minister to us here in Newhills.
    That mantle and spiritual blessing has been passed on to our minister. With the help of the Holy Spirit to guide us on our journey to and with Christ.
    “ALL IN” that is the challenge to our souls mind and spirit!
    Now we can go forward with the Holy Scripture, God’s Word afresh with our minister having committed to be ALL IN
    To go forward with a renewed encouragement “ we have just begun “ a deeper understanding, love and faith in Him who loved us before we knew Him

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