One comment on “Exposed by Light

  1. Again Jonny challenges us through Christ’s words to examine ourselves.
    We are taken to an area within our hearts that sometimes we keep under lock and key.
    Jonny expounds the scriptures in a loving kind but urgent way to bring us to the foot of the cross and makes us undergo self examination.
    Listen again to the scripture reading and listen again to the Holy Spirit speaking through Jonny.
    Till all those area’s that we close our eyes to has the light of God shine on them and removes them.
    “Blessed be you” Are not these words we long to hear from our Lord???
    Where else can we find peace comfort and love.
    Where else can we go to find help
    Where else can we go to with our prayers for our family our congregation those who are sick hurt and cast down.
    It is the Lord our God.
    Till we meet again in fellowship.
    Blessed be those who come in the name of our Lord

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