One comment on “Holy Week – Thursday

  1. Our minister was correct! Going from Palm Sunday to Easter morning without thinking and looking at those days between we would miss a lot.
    Is it the same as climbing, walking or even scaling a mountain or take the cable car or even a helicopter to the top.
    Each day the reflections on this week has made my mind focus on a point in that days reflections
    OBEDIENCE cries out from every page in scripture.
    and Christ fulfils that no more fully than these days leading up to His sacrifice on the cross.
    Thursdays reflections reading shows the disciples sleeping! But a small statement says why! They slept through exhaustion through grief ! These big strong fishermen over come by what Jesus has just said about what would happen led to them grieve openly between the three of them.
    Do we become at times over come by grief of our sins they exhaust us.
    We may weep over our sins but not grieve over them for the obedience of Christ has with His blood has washed them away.
    The disciple Peter, when I study his walk with Jesus I see myself in the actions of Peter. One minute his mind heart soul and spirit are Attuned to Christ and God next he inpatient nature blot out Christ’s words even though they where said just recently.
    Then we come to that court yard!!
    Should he have been there is a study in it self.
    There he was watching Jesus waiting to see what happens, concentrating on what what that scene.
    Startled by the question “ you are one of them “
    Quickly his old nature springs the response NO
    He tries to forget that break in focusing on Jesus and His trial going on at a distance in front of him.
    “Surly you are one of them “ NO was the reply!!
    All Peter wanted was to see undisturbed what was happening to Jesus.
    “Yes you are one of them you are from Galilee “
    Frustrated now begin disturbed more loudly than intended NO was the reply and the cock crowd.
    Jesus looks up and sees Peter. With the deep deep love He feels the anguish that has just stuck Peter.
    Peter went out of the court yard and wept.
    There is a rough sketch of Peter and his
    movement’s but it seems to be with the rest of the disciples. I can see him in a corner, inconsolable, not just what has happened to Jesus but that hidden denial is tearing him apart. This vocal man in any discussion wasn’t talking any part in the events that has gone on, in fear of exposing his three times denial! Just sitting there.
    Thanks again for this personal view you all have given us this Holy Week.

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